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Bigger & Better Business
A brief description of the Bigger & Better Business Program


Bigger and Better Business became the first national program of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. It was first introduced at the Tenth Anniversary Conclave, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (December 1924). When Bigger and Better Business was adopted as a national program, special emphasis was placed on encouraging and promoting Negro businesses. At its inception, the program sought to encourage Negro businesses to improve their business acumen, efficiency and service to the public, to be competitive with other businesses.

To fulfill its programmatic thrust, the Fraternity asks all chapters to focus on the following initiatives: the IRS VITA Program, Project S.E.E.D. and the Sigma Business Initiative. The following guide will give you a detailed outline of each initiative; however, please contact any member of the Bigger and Better Business team, if you need any additional resources.

Sigma Business Partners (Adopt Businesses)

Phi Beta Sigma established the Bigger and Better Business program in 1924 with the purpose of supporting and building black businesses throughout the United States. The first Bigger and Better Business program was a Black Business expo at the 1924 Philadelphia Conclave. Today, Phi Beta Sigma must continue the spirit that was exhibited during the program’s inception--chapters are encouraged to support our brothers’ businesses in any way possible.

More information on how we build a  Bigger and Better Business within the chapter of Epsilon Gamma Sigma of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. coming soon! Stay tuned for more!

Smoothie King

Smoothie King

August 2023

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Pam's Burgers

September 2023

Brothers of Epsilon Gamma Sigma had the opportunity to present the Bigger, Better Business to Pam's Burgers.


Arie's Cheesecake

September 2023

We were granted the opportunity to present a Bigger, Better Business award to Arie's Artisan Cheesecake.

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