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Our Chapter Officers

Bro. Calvin Lett

Bro. Calvin Lett

Chapter President

Epsilon Gamma Sigma Chapter Financial Secretary.jpg

Bro. Dr. Samuel Richardson

Chapter Financial Secretary

Bigger Better Business Director_edited_edited.jpg

Bro. Harry Greene

Director of Bigger & Better Business

Bro. Marc Davis

Bro. Calvin Lett

1st Vice President

Epsilon Gamma Sigma Chapter Treasurer.jpg

Bro. Louis Davis

Chapter Treasurer

Chapter Chairman

Bro. Dr. Stephen Fox

MIP Director

Bro. Johnny Harmon

Bro. Johnny Harmon

2nd Vice President

Epsilon Gamma Sigma Sigma Beta Club Director.jpg

Bro. Cedric Bacon

Director of Sigma Beta Club

Director of Education

Bro. Drexel Clark

Director of Education

Epsilon Gamma Sigma Chapter Secretary.jpg

Bro. Brandon Jones

Chapter Secretary

Bro. Brandon Brim

Bro. B. Brim

Director of Social Action

Epsilon Gamma Sigma NPHC Director.jpg

Bro. Curtis Kilgore

NPHC Liason

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